Pink Lemon Reed Diffuser


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Lemon Seed, White Lime, Baby Pineapple, Pink Grapefruit, Orange Blossoms. Sparkling citrus with zest to raise your spirits filled with lightness and vibrant crystal effervescence.

SOHUM fragrance diffuser permeates your space with continuous full fragrance. Natural fibre reeds are long lasting, infused with fine fragrance to deliver a perfumered whisper throughout your environment.



Good to know

All SOHUM Diffuser Reeds feature natural fibre reeds that hold moisture longer than traditional rattan reeds for longer lasting enjoyment. SOHUM does not recommend flipping reeds, it is not necessary with fibre reeds. For a lighter scent, or for use in a smaller space simply insert fewer reeds. This will also help your diffuser to last longer. Keeping reeds out of direct sunlight and away from direct drafts will ensure they don’t dry out faster. The fibre reeds will also hold their scent long after the liquid is diffused, so you can keep them on display for longer.
Made in Australia

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Rikka Phillips
Pink lemon reed diffuser

Loved the scent. Nice & subtle.