About Us



Est 2003…Product development of SOHUM’s products started many years earlier during childhood, when my affinity for fragrance and playful curiosity led to the sacrifice of my mother’s prized perfumes & face creams to the bathtub on a regular basis.

In 2003 SOHUM was born out of pure passion for perfume. A dream of re creating true scents of nature & creative compositions for a new world.
Starting with the simplest of raw materials sourced worldwide & traditional methods SOHUM’s patience for perfection has ensured growth to a refined fragrance collection that has endured, with stand out fragrances adored by many.

SOHUM is still a family business, 100% Australian owned and is proudly made in Melbourne Australia.


The word SOHUM is a meditation mantra and comes from the ancient Vedic texts of India. When uttered, the word itself is said to bring enormous blessings. Made up of 2 words, So & Hum, it represents the passage of the breath in and out of the nostrils. The ancient sages of India believed that if you listen carefully, you can hear the sound the breath makes on the inhalation as “So” and the sound of the exhalation as “Hum”. The mantra Sohum is said to express the powerful life-energy of the breath.