Velvet Gardenia Signature Candlette


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An intoxicating full floral heart with lush blooming flowers & velvety soft petals, breathtaking and bountiful. 

Notes of: white gardenia, vetiver, tonka bean, musc, jasmine sambac, neroli, black saffron.


SOHUM Eco Wax candles illuminate your space with a soft ambient glow. Hand poured in Australia with Sohum's own botanical wax blend, fully infused with vivid fragrance finished with a pure cotton wick for optimum burning of up to 15 hours. Includes lid for when candle is not in use. 

Made using a proprietary blend of natural waxes for a clean burn an optimum fragrance.



Good to know

SOHUM candles are filled with maximal fragrance from top to bottom ensuring the fragrance is the star. SOHUM recommends trimming the wick using a SOHUM wick trimmer between burns to keep your candle burning correctly. All SOHUM candles are free from any animal product derivatives. Burn time is up to 15 hours. Candle safety instructions are included on the packaging and base of each candle.
Made in Australia

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